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Easy Urdu Keyboard 2019

Easy Urdu APP (apk) Free Download Because it is the best app for translation

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Greetings I welcome you on this page. Thank you so much to visit this page. Today I will discuss one of the android apps called Easy Urdu. It’s basically a keyboard whose features are very good which makes the app distinct from all the other keyboards.
Why install this Easy urdu keyboard 2018
But the question is why we install this keyboard as we have many options. i can explain by following points.

Easy urdu keyboard apk Features and Points

  1. This app is made for every person who feels hard to write Urdu or English In typical Urdu keyboard where we have to write every letter to make a word, but in this, we will be typing in the same way as in english but on screen we get urdu writing form. e.g, if we type “kya hal hai” inspite i am using english letters but because of features we saw ” کیا حل ہے۔ ” .
  2. Even if you don’t like to type any single word this makes it possible to express what you speak whatever you speak it will text it on screen in either urdu or english language depends on your app settings.
  3. I personally like it urdu editor where we have different options to make our urdu expression more and more attractive.

Version and file space required For Easy urdu keyboard 2018 apk download
“urdu app” is an application which requires 26Mbs. Version which i am suggesting is 3.5.1. so its quite a small app and can be install in almost all android phones.


  • After installation when keyboard appears. You can see easy urdu button by swiping. When can on and off this option. When we on this option then while we are typing “kya haal hai ” on screen it will appears like ” کیا حل ہے۔ ” so this option is for them who are easy with english keyboard but wants to write in urdu.
  • Mice yes second most attractive option on keyboard is “mice”. When you are not interested in typing then this option is work like magic for you. You just need to speak what ever in your mind by clicking mice icon on keyboard. This feature will convert all that you spoke in either urdu text or english text. If you have on the easy urdu icon by swiping on keyboard .Then your voice will convert into urdu text otherwise in english text.
  • On main page you have different options as

¶Writing space
Whatever you speak or type will appear in this space.
In theme you have 15 options including themes of psl, Quetta gladiator, Peshawar zalmi, Karachi kings, Multan sultan, Islamabad united and Lahore qalandars. So for cricket lovers i might be loving.

¶Urdu editor
Here you have background ( including camera, gallery, templates and google options). Templates has further options like (featured, flowers, frames, islamic and pakistan). Font styles( having further three options), add text and share options are also available here.

Here we have following setting
preferred (includes auto capitalization, double space period, vibrate on key press, sound on key press, popup on key press, voice input key).
keyboard themes
Gesture typing (includes enable gesture typing, dynamic floating, preview, shoe gesture trail)
Text correction
Follow us on face book
If you don’t want to use this app you can disable this.

¶no ads
If you don’t want to see ads you have to pay.

¶More apps
This option give u access of google play store.

Download easy urdu keyboard 2018 for iphone Or Android From Here.

Easy urdu keyboard free download for pc is not available.

How to download

There are two Method for download One is click the download button And the second is follow these steps.

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Easy urdu keyboard 2018 app download For This Follow this steps.

To download this app, first connect your mobile to the net and open the Play Store and click on search bar.

Afterwards, you have to write “easy urdu” You will have many options of keyboards there so select “urdu easy” option having version 5.3.1. now you have install option click on install installing permission will be required accept the terms and conditions. Your app will start downloading after downloading installing will start. After installation. You will have open option click on open and enjoy your app.
uses of app.

It is difficult to write Urdu with the help of keyboard, in which we have to use every letter of urdu alphabets to make a single word. But this is not the case with this amazing app here we just need to swipe easy urdu icon on keyboard. As a result what ever we are writing with english letters but screen shows it writing with english letters but screen shows it in urdu writing e.g, if i type “mai theek hun” screen will show “می ٹھیک ہوں۔ “.

If you don’t want to type you feel it difficult or even you are not able to type. This app will help you you just need to speak by touching mice icon. Whatever, you speak it will appear on screen in written form and you can forward this text .

More About Download

All the people who are related to writing fields and finds it difficult to write in english. They have many ideas which they can make in Urdu but can not express in English. It is very difficult for all those people. With the help of this app, you can speak all your ideas by clicking on the mic icon. Its will translate all your spoken words into English. You can forward your point in English from one place to another. In today’s era where everything we need for English. It plays a very important role.

By going to Urdu editor option, you can make your writing more impressive, you can change the background in addition, you can use the different urdu writing styles. Which allows you to make your writing more engaging.

Easy urdu apk keyboard cracked is not available.
So this keyboard saves not only our time but also gives us a variety of options, which are not available in other keyboard. The users of android are mostly easy with english alphabets so by using same alphabets. This app makes easy to write in urdu. It provides us a chance to learn or overcome our difficulties related to english language by giving us option of mice. Now a days, english in some way or other is requirement of this era. So, i will suggest you all to use or atleast once try this app.

Hope You guys Excited t read this article wrote about Easy urdu keyboard 2019.

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